Emulator AdBlue Emu-Max A420 for Hyundai Trago is a device that allows you to operate a car without turning on the emergency mode of engine power limitation, in case of malfunctions and, accordingly, active DTC codes of the SCR system or, for example, in the case of an empty Adblue tank.

During installation, it does not matter whether the SCR system is working properly or has already failed. The emulator programmatically describes the logic of a functioning SCR system. However, when working with a faulty system, it is necessary both to understand the cause of the malfunction and to erase the DTC errors after installing the emulator.

Emulator AdBlue Emu-Max Hyundai Trago supports the following vehicles:

  • Hyundai Trago, Euro 5

Emulator AdBlue Emu-Max A420 for Hyundai Trago

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